Quote of the Day – Susan Guidry Edition

“We have to determine that there is a zoning law that prohibits perhaps the size of the sign, perhaps the way that it’s erected, that it is leaning over onto public property, whatever we can use, we will, but of course, we do have to balance that with First Amendment rights.”

Susan Guidry, New Orleans City Council Member on Anti-Obama signs on the private property of homeowner Timothy Reilly. 

Whatever we can use.  Hmm.  At least she acknowledges the fact that man has first amendment rights.  I guess that is a step in the right direction. 

Here are the “offensive” signs:

Some neighbors are not too thrilled:

“It disrespects the nation — and President Barack Obama represents our nation,” said Skip Alexander, as he looked at one of the signs. “He represents everybody, not some people.”

I think you are going to have hard time with argument Skip.  The President has made his feelings of me quite clear.  I’m a raaaaacist simply because I don’t like his policies and joined the TEA Party.  So no, Skip he doesn’t represent me at all. 

“This is nothing put pure racism,” said Raymond Rock. “This is a disgrace.”

See.  Don’t like Obama you are a racist. 

“He wouldn’t do that to [President] Bush, I’m sure. It’s just insulting. It’s insulting,” said C.C. Campbell-Rock. “He’s going to have to take them down.”

No, the people of San Francisco just named a dump after President Bush.  They didn’t do anything like put up a billboard on private property or anything.