Quote of the Day – Ricky Torres Edition

“We want to make sure everyone is here for the right reason,” said Ricky Torres, 23, who is part of the security unit. “Some are homeless and people who are not really up to any good.”

Protest Organizers who are complaining of the growing group. 

 Many of the newcomers to the tent city are attracted by the donated freebies: pizza, sandwiches, fruit, as well as bins of sweaters, pants, boots, even underwear. There are also handout comforters for anyone who wants 40 winks.

And with complimentary condoms on hand, a 1960s-style free love has begun to blossom. More than 400 participants spent the night Friday huddling and cuddling in Zuccotti Park.

None of which sits well with the movement’s leaders, who set up an internal police group to stop the boozing, pot smoking and hanky-panky.

What?  The homeless aren’t part of the 99%?  Aren’t they supposed to fighting for all the “little” people? 

They hypocrisy of the left amazes me still.  They set up an occupation based on the little people who want “real” democracy (we live in a republic, by the way) and have demands about how people don’t even have to work to make $20 an hour, then complain that people are freeloaders?  Did they think their message through to the logical conclusion?  If they have their way, the entire country will become like that stinky park in New York.  That is exactly what they are fighting for.

Liberal logic in action.  They get what they ask for, then are unhappy with the results.