GOP Bloomberg/Washington Post Debate

I personally really liked the format.  The candidates seemed much more human in a way.  It seemed much more like a conversation this way.  After all, we are trying to decide who will represent the party and run for the presidency.  Americans want someone they feel like they can relate with to a certain extent. 

Jon Huntsman is a very rude man.  I really didn’t like the dig to Perry on the Mormon comments.  While I understand that since he is a Mormon, he felt disrespected by the comments, but Perry did not make them.  It made him seem small and petty. 

Gov. Perry had the perfect opportunity to hit Romney on Romneycare tonight and punted.  He still seemed out of it and was far too defensive.  He had to hit it out of the park tonight and barely got up to bat.  Where’s the fork?  He is done. 

Romney really interested me tonight.  When they had the chance to ask questions to the other candidates I was very surprised by him choosing Michele Bachmann.  You would think he would go after Perry or Cain.  Voters that are partial to Bachmann are not going to vote for Romney in a primary setting.  As usual, he did no harm and kept most of his attacks towards Obama. 

I thought Cain did damage to himself tonight by choosing Alan Greenspan as his model for Fed Chair.  Greenspan?  I have to fully agree with Ron Paul on this one; disaster.  Many of Greenspan’s policies helped lead to the financial meltdown we are having now, he kept the interest rates at artificially low rates which was a contributing factor to the mess we are in.  He was the biggest target tonight and handled it pretty well.  A few stumbles, but overall he did OK, although his defense of TARP is not something that most conservatives want to hear. 

Rick Santorum didn’t get enough talking time.  But he isn’t a realistic top-tier candidate at this point. 

Michele Bachmann did a better job tonight, she seemed focused and stayed on point.  Although, I think she needs to stop bringing up her 23 foster children so often.  It seems like she is trying to use to score points.  For some reason it doesn’t sit well with me.  She didn’t do enough to revive her campaign, but she will probably last until New Hampshire.  She will more than likely be on a few short lists for VP, although I find it unlikely she will get it. 

Newt was the grown up in the room.  Again, he kept his focus on Obama and his policies.  I recently read a post on Legal Insurrection saying maybe it is time to give him another look.  The professor may be correct.  There are many things that I don’t like about him, but he has big ideas.  He is big picture guy and that may be what we need right now. 

Ron Paul was Ron Paul.  Nothing really loony and some good points about the financial mess. 

Overall, I would have to give the win to Romney.  But he has been running for president since 07, so he should be winning. 

Biggest loser: Charlie Rose.  Does that man get enough sleep?