Well I think it is only fair to start with the moment that everyone is talking about today, Rick Perry’s brain fart.  He couldn’t remember the name of the third federal agency he wants to see dissolved.  It really isn’t a big deal, we all have things like this happen from time to time.  The problem is it is just another reason to not want this man anywhere near a debate with Obama.  I realize that people have very strong feeling about Perry, going in both directions.  I personally am wishy-washy when it comes to him.  There is good and bad.  But for me the death knell is his inability to put more than a few coherent sentences together in a debate setting.   Had he gotten it after making a joke he would have been OK, but ooh.   Not pretty.  I feel sorry for him.  It was very embarrassing.

Herman Cain came out prepared and on fire.  The audience being behind him when the questions of the sexual harassment charges inevitably came up certainly helped him.  He did what he said his campaign wanted to do; get back on message.   His zinger about princess Nancy was priceless.  Sorry unable to find video.

Michele Bachmann had a great performance.  I am not sure it will do any good at this point.  But she has shown that she understands tax law very well.  Her tax attorney training shined.

Newt was also on his game.  He is a master debater and by far the smartest on the stage.  His questioning of the media about Occupy Wall Street and the economy was a sight to behold.

Romney did his job, he did no harm.  Which I believe to be his plan.  He is still polling well and has plenty of money behind him.  He just needs to make as few mistakes as possible and he could do just enough to get the nomination.  Or  at least that is his team’s hope.

I don’t understand why Jon Huntsman is being included in these debates and Gary Johnson is not.  Both of them are polling horribly, but it doesn’t seem fair to include one and not the other.

I actually liked the moderators.  They pushed them to answer the questions and that is a good thing.

The winner of the debate to me was Newt, with both Bachmann and Cain slightly behind him.   Most talking heads are putting Romney in that list as well, but I don’t think just because he didn’t hurt himself makes him a winner.  Isn’t that the same as everybody gets a trophy?

Paul also helped himself.  Economic issues are his strong point and that showed.

The clear loser was Perry.  Even if you are big fan, you had to see how much his gaffe is going to hurt him.

I also think that it is time for Santorum to go.  He is a bleep on the radar and just taking more time away from the candidates who have a realistic shot at the nomination.  It is time we start winnowing down the field.  No more invites for Santorum or Huntsman.  You may want to include Bachmann in that as well.