The CNN GOP Debate

CNN held another debate last night in Washington, DC just a short walk away from the White House.   The topic was foreign policy.

We all know that Herman Cain has a real weakness on this topic, and unfortunately for him that did show.

Newt showed his knowledge of history and world events.  This is his strong point.

Romney had his weakest performance yet.  He had moments of where his temper showed and his usual unflappable demeanor became flapped.

Santorum got much more face time than in previous debates, too bad he was unable to use that to his advantage.  At one point he called Africa a country on the brink.  (And Cain seemed to agree with him).  Does he realize that Africa is not a country?   He did well for the most part, but not well enough to change the fact that he will not be president this cycle or any other for that matter.

Ron Paul had some very good moments.  One thing he did skillfully was bring the conversation back to finances.    He got a great deal of support from the crowd at different points throughout the debate.  There is no way that Campaign for Liberty was able to get a large amount of tickets.  There were very few available for the general public.  You had to have connections to get in.

Michele Bachmann also had some good moments.  Again, too little too late.

Perry made some red meat to the base comments on different issues, such as Iran and Israel.  But it is doubtful it will take his numbers out of the tank.  He has money so that will allow him to stay in until South Carolina I would think.  I guess if he can get good numbers in Iowa or New Hampshire you never know what could happen from there.

The biggest surprise was Huntsman.  He came across as very knowledgeable on foreign policy issues.  He did himself some good last night.  Not with the conservative side of the party, but with the moderate/independent types he gained some fans last night I am sure.  I won’t vote for him, but I think he made himself look much more credible.

Now, onto Newt’s immigration statements:

I happen to agree that is highly unlikely (virtually no chance) that we will round-up every illegal in this country and deport them.  I don’t think we have the money, the manpower, or the will to do so.  I think what Newt says makes sense in some ways.  But, without securing the border first, he will not get support from the right.  He won’t get support from the far right at all.  They want them all deported.  But, I personally believe that IF they secure the border first and keep it secured the country will accept some sort of visa program to people who speak fluent English, have no criminal records, are willing to pay back taxes and a fine, and go back to their country of origin to apply. This is the reality, we are not deporting these people, so we should get them on the books and have them paying the full taxes that the rest of us are paying.   But unless the border is secured it is all academic.  Newt did not go as far as Perry did and call people heartless for not wanting to give illegals in-state tuition.  So we will see how much this hurts him moving forward.