Quote of the Day – Dave Bray Edition

“We wanted to get a legally properly permitted concert together to say thank you to the hard working men and women on Wall Street and also to say thank for all that the New York Police Department and the Fire Department of New York had to put up with for the last couple months with these Occupy guys.  We want to say thank you but we can’t even do it legally with the proper permit. But anybody who wants to bash America, it seems like they can stop on down to Zucotti and poop all over cop cars,”

Dave Bray, lead singer for Madison Rising, upon hearing that they would not be allowed to get a permit to play a live concert at Zuccotti Park.

The name Madison Rising is an ode to founding father James Madison.  Madison Rising’s members are known to be conservative leaning.

The owners of the park said that they didn’t want any live bands playing at the park, but denied the permit the very same day that Third Eye Blind gave a thank you concert to the squatters.  Can you say HYPOCRISY?

H/T to POHDiaries