How Low Can We Go?

It seems pretty darn low.  Lower than we should be going.  The day started out the news that the ever sensitive Mr. Alan Colmes went after Rick Santorum about how he and his wife decided to mourn the loss of their newborn baby, Gabriel.  So of course the press has jumped all over it.  I have been reading some different news accounts of the back and forth between Colmes and Rich Lowry who rightly pointed out that Colmes hit way below the belt bringing this up.  Let’s take a look at who our voting public is:

Santorum has been playing his fetal corpse shtick in front of audiences for years. He thinks it works in the polls. Others think it shows he is too unstable to govern. Besides, he couldn’t let Newt get away with performing the only crocodile tears act in Iowa this year.

I don’t understand why Santorum didn’t have it stuffed so he could use it as a prop on the campaign trail. Why not keep it home for a week, or a year, or celebrate Christmas with it?

I’m not picking on the poor little baby, but on his father who shamelessly exploits the tragedy for political gain instead of talking about the issues, like why he endorsed pro-abortion Arlen Specter in 2004 who voted for ObamaCare or why he endorsed pro-flipflop-anti-abortion Mitt RomneyCare in 2008.

Rick tried to keep it at home longer, until he caught his housekeeper, Margarita, vacuuming the dust off of it.

“Lowry called Colmes’ description of the ordeal and bringing it up “a cheap shot”
so now pointing out irrational behavior in the candidates is wrong – this was a psychotic act – taking a dead baby home to “prove” something to little children is sick –
if some welfare mother did this – they would take her kids & lock her up –
the santorums are sick –
infected with XIANITY = god delusions !!

Oh my God! Imagine if Obama brought his dead newborn home and him and Michelle cuddled with the cold corpse for a few hours! The decision to elect the president is dependant on one thing above everything else (not including those who will vote for someone just because he is a republican), his ability to act rationally in hectic crises. If this weird and demented act of affection proves anything at all, it is that Santorm obviously breaks very easily. Americans this is not the dude you want with his fingertip over the red button in the oval office.

We are so screwed in this country.  People are just evil.  Look, I would not have handled it the way the Santorum’s did, but I am not going to judge them.  They did the best that they could in an extremely difficult and painful situation.  There is no greater pain than the loss of a child.  Leave the man and his family alone about this topic.  You want to go after him, ask him about his backing of The Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind.

This is why I don’t like candidates that have young children.  His littlest children have no way of dealing with this horror.