The Continued Delusion of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The woman truly is certifiable.  In an interview today on CNN she tried to make the argument that Romney didn’t really “win” New Hampshire because he only received 39% of the vote.  Apparently to her he should have done better in the six man field.  So he gets almost 40% on his own, and five other people share the remaining 60% which averages out to about 12% each for the other candidates, in other words he got almost 1/3 of the vote.  In a six man field, that isn’t too bad.

Ok, lets take a look back to the 2008 New Hampshire Primary shall we?

Hillary Clinton won with the same percentage of the vote in a field of five.  Did she think then that Hillary really didn’t win?  Well, maybe she did because A. she is delusional and B. she was a very early supporter of Obama.

I understand it is part of her job to be the cheerleader for the DNC, but don’t you think it would play much better if they had one that a firmer grip on the facts?

In related news, she is still holding onto the meme that The Tea Party was responsible for the shootings at Gabby Giffords meet and greet.  I guess the fact that the shooter was clearly mentally ill and paid no attention to the news makes no difference.  What color is the sky in this woman’s world?  Hmm, her drugs must be goooood.