If you don’t know by now, the HHS has mandated free birthcontrol for everyone. It used to be a chicken in every pot, now it’s a pillbox for every uterus. We will occupy Wallstreet but by golly, those squatters in the womb have to go!

And if you object, well, you have a year to get used to it.

365 days to pray for an alternative. To lobby the deaf ears of Congress. To file law suits and spend time, talent, treasure and passion railing against a Leviathan government that has decided everyone must get with the times and those practices while personally are just fine, shouldn’t be applied to one’s livelyhood or way of life. Finance abortion on demand. Don’t want abortion. Don’t get one. But pay for the next person who does. Don’t want birth control? Don’t use it. But pay for it anyway. Moral objections? Pshaw. That’s so 19th century of you troglodite!

With all due respect, it’s been a good run. America with it’s experiment with liberty and limited government is now over. We shall be taxed for everything and anything. We shall be made to pay for anything. The government shall tell us how we may practice our religion, with any tenets we hold dear being checked as soon as we leave the chapel door. You can believe what you want still, as long as you don’t actually practice it or state it publically.

We shall pay for things we do not want, for things for other people to engage in that we do not approve of, and for all things Congress deems necessary, which is to say everything. There is no limit. No budget. No plans of debt reduction. There is no brake on the wants, wishes/desires for more of our government, no activity they won’t regulate, no area of life on which they do not have the final say. They are the authority, the experts, the ones with the power. We should be gracious for the time, money, indeed the jobs we have. We should be grateful our betters have been willing to spend such time educating us, making laws to get us in line, to make our lives into the utopian visions they hold for us. Everything will be so much better if we just agree to go along. Can’t we all just get along? If you can’t get along with us, it must be because you are evil, ignorant and like making things unfair. Now…you aren’t like that are you? Because if you are, you need to be educated, changed or silenced. Cue Sopa.

It’s clear with the complicity of the media, that we have no say. We cannot make enough noise. Any protest we muster shall be deemed dangerous, treasonous, evil. Is it time to take our toys and go home and remember that we had a beautiful country once, with beautiful laws and people committed to the rule of law and the Constitution? Whatever we are, it is not what it was. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it. I didn’t vote for it. I don’t want to finance it. I disagree with it. Is it time to consider whether in the course of human events, the tree of freedom needs watering? I’m not sure…but I am fearful…this does not feel like the home of the free.

Maybe the mayans were right…about endings anyway.