Yeah, That’s What All Ten-Year-Olds Are Wearing

It isn’t really a good idea to second guess why parents make the decisions that they make when it comes to their children.  Different strokes for different folks and all that.  Children are just as individual as adults are, they mature at different times and in different ways, so since no one should know their child better than the people who live with them on a daily basis it becomes a judgement call for parents.

I was looking through the news in the British papers, as I try to do several times a week, and I came across an article about Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, making her modeling debut.  She really is a mini me of her famous and beautiful mom.  Apparently, Kaia has wanted to start modeling since a very young age and Cindy had said two years ago that she wanted to keep her out of it as long as possible.  I guess 10 years old was as long as she could.  Kaia has become the face of the Young Versace line.

Maybe I am just a prude, but I think this is a very provocative ad for a such a young girl to be involved with.  It seems very reminiscent of the ads that Brooke Shields did with Calvin Klein.   Remember that one?

There is even a similar look to the two of them.  But one huge difference is that Brooke was 4 years older when she did this ad and she is fully dressed.  She is only showing a little midriff which is nothing compared to what people let their girls do nowadays.

Cindy is an excellent business woman.  She knows how the modeling industry works and understands the downsides.  I am sure that she will do everything possible to guide her daughter through the pitfalls that some of the models find themselves falling into, drugs and eating disorders to name but two.

I just don’t think that I would be all that happy to let my very young and impressionable daughter to dress in such a grown up fashion, have her face put on billboards and the like, and to let her think that how she looks is how she gets ahead in the world.  Children are innocent for such a short period of time, why can’t we just let them have that anymore?

At ten she is already wearing a full face of make-up running around town:

I wouldn’t let my ten-year old out of the house in this outfit.  But like I said, maybe I am just a prude.