CPAC Day One – Part 1

The security is overwhelming. I have never seen it like this. They are checking each and every pass at the door for every speaker and event. That has not happened in the past. I guess they are taking the occupier protests seriously and doing their best to protect the speakers and the attendees. I am sure that they have had to hire additional people.

AFL-CIO has decided to up the game and has rented rooms here, so it will be impossible to throw them out, as they are guests. Lovely.

I just met Victoria Jackson from SNL fame. I ran into Stacy from the Other McCain and The DaTech Guy earlier this morning. They were both telling me I need to support Santorum.

Santorum stickers are everywhere. He seems to have a great deal of support here. I would venture to say he could win the straw poll.

Romney has a plan to use this conference to “woo” conservatives. Good luck with that venture.

The Citadel has 31 cadets here. Nice to see people who not only willing to serve in the military, but also politically active at such a young age.

Jim DeMint gave a great opening speech. I believe that CSPAN covers the event and will have videos.

Herman Cain’s bus is here. I have not yet seen Mr. Cain himself, but the bus is at least here. He is due to speak after 4 today.

The blogger bash is tonight, that should be a good time.

It is still early, so not much more to report.

But, I have to say, I always love it when conservatives are in town. They are in short supply in this neck of the woods.