CPAC Day One – Part 2

I just finished up a session on citizen journalists and activists given by the Franklin Center.  They are trying to keep people more informed on the goings on in state and local governments.  Did you know that there has been more than a 30% drop in reporters covering the state houses?  Check out their website here. 

I also got to meet Col. Ollie North.  I am not sure if he is speaking or not, but good to see him here. 

Breitbart is making his prescence known. 

I didn’t go to anymore of the speakers this morning, I wasn’t all that interested in who was speaking.  I will be back in the ballroom later this afternoon to see Herman Cain and Rand Paul.

My good buddy Phil is working for the Newt campaign and asked me to help out this afternoon, so that will take a good part of my day.