Imaginary Gun Control Mandate

Let us imagine some time in the future, some ultra wing nut job comes into the Executive Office, and that person decides that for the good of the general welfare, all citizens should be given free guns.  That way, all of them are armed.  All of them can protect themselves.  All of them have the capacity to be safe in the event they need to protect themselves.

There would be large groups of people who would object on moral grounds, wanting precautions or background checks or citing safety issues, arguing that states already have standards and procedures in place that this regulation trumps.  But the Federal branch is firm.  Further, the Executive branch then decides to distribute them to each citizen free of charge so they can use them as they see fit. Regardless of any current existing laws, any moral objections by those who think firearms are dangerous and without any qualms about those who think perhaps children should not have access to such things, the government explains that this will result ultimately in a safer society.  It is for the public good.

When people object to their taxes paying for such things, the administration will explain, you aren’t paying for guns, you are paying the distributors for making sure everyone has a gun.  We are paying the manufacturers so you aren’t morally culpable for any accidental killings or intentional ones, you aren’t buying the guns, you’re just funding the government.  Your moral responsiblity ends where the Government says it does.

Not to worry. Soothe soothe soothe.  Feel better? If you don’t want to own a gun, don’t avail yourself of the free one, or don’t use it.  Your government says it’s okay ergo, it’s okay.

When you still object, the government tells you, it’s a done deal and your opinion is irrelevant.

This imaginary tale is to remind people who cheer this current HHS mandate and pretend it isn’t a massive expansion of federal government that seeds the pockets of Planned Parenthood, that the method and the motive are tyranny, even if you personally don’t think the policy is immoral.

I happen to think it is a direct threat to religious liberty and an attempt to eliminate the Catholic church as a moral voice in the United States, to replace all religion and charity with government, to make all religions mirror the secular puritanism that is the state, because the secular religion cannot tollerate dissent. I have no illusions that if this HHS mandate stands, we will be fully funding abortions in all circumstances via our insurance riders within a few years. The line is here.

We will not comply.