A Little Food for Thought

I was paying attention to a thread on facebook about the Catholic Church and Obamacare.  I have made my feelings about the Catholic Church clear; I don’t like it.  So I didn’t involve myself in the discussion because there is no way for me to be objective about it.  I personally believe that the Catholic Church in some ways is deserving of the pressure to violate their consciences.  A majority of Catholics voted for President Obama and many within the church wanted Obamacare to pass.  I don’t think there are any numbers of how members of my church voted, we get lumped in with other sects so there is no way to know.

I then came across this cartoon this morning and apparently there is more than just this one person on facebook that feels that the Catholic Church is reaping what it sowed.  There are at least several of the bloggers here that are Catholic.  None of which voted for Obama or approved of Obamacare, obviously.

So I was just wondering what the thoughts of those of you who fall into the latter category of Catholics feel about some in the public believing that your church, in at least a small way, is responsible for what is happening with all the new dictates?