Quote of the Day – Carole Joffe Edition

But I have considerable concerns about what calling these ultrasounds “rape” and “unnecessary” will mean for abortion patients and providers. The reality is that most abortion patients do receive an ultrasound to date their pregnancies. Since most abortions take place in the first trimester of pregnancy, many of these ultrasounds are performed with a transvaginal probe, the most effective method for viewing early-stage pregnancies. In the end, whether an ultrasound is performed, and which method is used, reflects either the practice of the abortion provider, the patient’s medical history, or—for a relatively small number of women—an aversion to the transvaginal method. Most of the time, however, the transvaginal ultrasound is a useful and common tool that helps providers perform abortions safely and well.

Carole Joffe – Sociologist and Abortion Rights Author and Activist

Yet one more lie the left uses to push it pro abortion agenda is that ultrasounds laws are rape.  They are not rape, it is part of the normal course of the procedure.  We need to tell these young women the truth instead of scaring them for no reason.