Quote of the Day – Jonah Goldberg Edition Part 2

The hypocrisy of Game Change is that it’s about how terrible it is to compromise values & truth, but that’s exactly what the makers did.

Jonah Goldberg today on Twitter.

I did not watch this movie as I don’t have HBO (a decision largely guided by their support of Bill Maher), but I was on twitter while it was playing.  The tweets were hysterical.  The most important thing to keep in mind about this movie is, Game Change only contained about 20 pages on Gov. Palin.  How they made a two-hour movie from 20 pages is beyond me.  One of the biggest consensus was that Ed Harris (who I normally like) did a horrible job as John McCain.

Towards the end of the movie it was reported that Sen. McCain told Palin not to allow herself to be corrupted by the far right and Rush Limbaugh.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that was an exact quote.

Shame on Tom Hanks for his obvious display of hatred of conservatives.  Well one more actor I can scratch off my list when I decide how to spend my entertainment dollars.