Quote(s) of the Day – Welfare Recipient Edition

  • “I’m here trying to get some Obama bucks. That‘s what I’m doing, trying to get some Obama money.”
  • “I want a check.”
  • “Tell me why you like Obama.” — “Because he gives me stuff.”
  • “Who you going to vote for?” — “Obama.” — “Why?” — “Because he’s black.”
  • “When was the last time you actually worked?” — “About half a decade”
  • “You’re a perfectly healthy young man, why aren’t you working right now?” — “My background. Once you go to jail it’s hard to get a job.”
  • “Why should my tax dollars be going to you?” — “My ancestors came here to help build this place — my ancestors, slaves.”
  • “Do you really want to work, or do you just want to get a free check?” — “I just want to get a free check.”

Quotes from welfare recipients in New York City given to none other Alexandria Pelosi.  Yes, that Pelosi, Nanny’s daughter.  Maybe now Ms. Pelosi, you can sit down with your mother and make her see how dangerous the policies that she has pushed on the American people really are.

I don’t bash all people on welfare.  Some are down and out, some are too ill to work, some truly are just using this as helping hand while they are out of work.  But far too many have made this a way of life, then look at themselves as victims.  The welfare system is broken.  We are not helping people, we are creating an environment of entitlement that is getting harder and harder to break.

Another sick thing is that she was advised not to run this clip on television by people at HBO.  Heaven forbid we tell people the truth.  Any wonder why I don’t get HBO anymore?

H/T to The Blaze