Conservative Activism Alerts – Join Us in DC for Obamacare Rallies

Stand up for religious freedom tomorrow at noon.  What religion you practice is not relevant, it is the fact that this administration feels it has the right to tell churches and religious organizations that their consciences do not matter.  The Constitution says otherwise.  This has never been about birth control, it is about religious freedom and how President Obama and his minions are trying to take that away from the American people.  Locations here.  

We have reached the two year mark for Obamacare.  It hits the Supreme Court on Monday.  Show your dissatisfaction this weekend.  

Saturday – Road to Repeal Rally Upper Senate Park 12 – 2 PM  

List of speakers and bus information can be found here.  

Sunday – Surround the Supreme Court in Prayer Stand for Religious Freedom 2-4 PM  

Details found here. 

Monday and Wednesday – Local Tea Party Rallies at the Supreme Court

A small group of local activists will have committed to having someone at the court the entire time arguments are being heard.  We will be there with signs and walking the sidewalks around the court.  There is no set time for this, but if you are in town and wish to help out, please be there between 8 and 3 both days.  Where comfy shoes as you will be required to keep walking.  

Tuesday – Hands of my Healthcare Rally 1pm at the Supreme Court 

Michele Bachmann and Pat Toomey will be among the speakers.  Remember that this will be the day that Al Sharpton and his Union Buddies (yeah the same people who got waivers to exempt themselves from the law) will be there to say how wonderful a law they don’t have to participate in is.  If you can only make one, this is the one.  There may still be buses available, a registration fee is required for the buses.  Click here for more details.  


I hope to see in DC.  I just love it when conservatives come to town.  It can be quite lonely at times.