Quote of the Day – Rick Moran Edition

Selective outrage is morally reprehensible. Those who seek to make political hay out of this tragedy – including the president of the United States – need to step back and examine the objective reality of the situation. You must reject the notion that Mr. Martin’s death was any more tragic, any less a tragedy than any other death of a young man whose life was cut short by gun violence.

Because when you strip away everything else, all you are left with is politics. And if that is truly what all of this ink being spilled, pixels being created, and tears being shed – real or crocodile – is all about, the injustice, dear friends, is being perpetrated by you and not the Sanford police, Mr. Zimmerman, or the white race.

Rick Moran

He is right about selective outrage.  What is also morally reprehensible is people have decided for themselves what the “truth” is in this case.  We don’t know what the truth is.  We have a bunch of  conflicting reports from witnesses.  We have decided guilt or innocence without seeing all of the facts, in totality.  We are cherry picking the evidence to support what we believe to be true.

We continue to debase our culture, our justice system, and ourselves.  A very sad commentary on where we are as a society, how we allow the media to paint our perceptions and make our judgements for us.

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