Liberal Logic – Various and Sundry Edition

“Anybody who makes $250,000 becomes a millionaire very quickly if you save it. You just need four years”

Gov. Jerry Brown on his millionaire tax that actually starts at $250K per year.  So, the millionaire tax starts at the income level well below what a millionaire makes, and apparently these people don’t have to spend any of this money  in a four-year period.  I guess someone is paying all their expenses for them.  Including the really high tax rates they pay in California.

In more local news, Washington, D.C. is like most cities/states, they are in a budget crunch.  They are looking for ways to raise revenues.  They have decided in their infinite wisdom one of the ways to do that is to increase the hours per day that sale of alcohol will be available.  They are considered having it available for purchase 21 hours per day.  Mind you, the buses and metro system don’t run until 4 am, but hey, there are “other ways” to get home.  Awesome.  More drunks in D.C.  just what we need.

“Why is a big Gift, a Boat load of money, with no strings attached, a burden to States?”

Justice Elena Kagan during oral arguments on the new Medicare payments to the states.  Oh, I don’t know, maybe because it raises everyone taxes and there is no opt out.  And telling them what they spend the money on is an attached string, no?

“I guess my greatest fear, Mr. Clement, with your argument is the following: The bigger the problem, the more resources it needs. We’re going to tie the hands of the Federal Government in choosing how to structure a cooperative relationship with the States. We’re going to say to the Federal Government, the bigger the problem, the less your powers are. Because once you give that much money, you can’t structure the program the way you want.”

Justice Sonya Sotomayor during oral arguments on the new Medicare payments to the states.  Yes, that is exactly what we are saying Justice.  It is called federalism.  Maybe you have heard of it.  It is in that document you are supposed to be upholding, remember the oath you took?

 “You are — you are saying that because you represent a sizeable number of States, you can destroy this whole program, even though there may be as many States that want it, that don’t feel coerced, that say — think this is a good thing?”

Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg.  So you want to force the many because of the few?   Typical.