Quote of the Day – Terry O’Neill Edition

“What would we be saying if Hillary Clinton had said this: that Ann Romney has never, has not worked for pay outside the home a day in her life?  That’s my understanding that’s an accurate statement, and that raises the exact issue that Hilary Rosen was trying to get to, which is do Mr. & Mrs. Romney have the kind of life experience and if not, the imagination, to really understand what most American families are going through right now? I think that that was what Hilary was getting out, and so she left out the words “for pay outside the home.”

Terry O’Neill, President of The National Organization of Women.

Oh, so Ann Romney would be ok if she took care of someone else’s children for pay.  I get it.  It isn’t that taking care of children is bad or non-work.  It is when you do it out of love for them instead of a paycheck that it causes you to lose imagination and life experience.  So if she were a nanny for instance, she would have been fine.  Do this woman have any idea how much imagination it takes to keep young children interested all day?  Or does she think sticking them in front of the X-Box with a bag of Cheetos is all it takes?

This reminds of something else from last Mother’s Day.  Read all about that here.  

Truly, this has been a gift from God for Romney.  Ask yourselves, how many SocCons did you expect to be rallying around Romney?  Not this many I am sure.