Chicago Dogs with Extra Relish

The reaction to the little snip about the President feasting on alternative canine cuisine has been nothing short of cathartic for countless Americans on either side of the political spectrum. For three years, we have suffered from at least half the nation holding its breath and restraining from the least hint of satire or humor against the sitting commander-in-chief for fear of appearing less than reverential to his awesomeness. The other half has been tepid about even making the slightest quip for fear of being labeled ugly things for daring to speak ill of the President.

We cannot function as a democracy if we hold our leaders and officials in too much awe or if we cannot properly gadfly chastise them for their foibles and excesses by pointing them out as foibles and excesses.  We simply cannot give the state the fear and awe we owe God, nor should we surrender to the state, that power to deflate the egos with laughter.  Freedom of speech must be exercised, and it cannot be properly done if the nation either fears to speak or cannot bring itself to engage in critical thinking for fear of giving comfort to the other side of the political aisle.

Fortunately, we have bloggers and alternative media and Mark Steyn and Rush and others who are only too willing to sharpen their wits on this subject, but the dog controversy allowed the common plebeian to engage in some time-honored quips against the POTUS, both healthy and good for the electorate to remember that it can do.

Twitchy has been collecting the best bon mots and Jim Treacher lead the charge to note the disconnect.   But I want to consider the more important revelation of this little bit from the President’s biography.  Why is it important now? Because we are in an election year and the story is not that the President ate dog, but that the President ate dog, talked about it in his biography which he touted and promoted and which the media used to sculpt a narrative about him leading up to the 2008 elections and which they hope to repackage now.   Unfortunately, 3 1/2 years of the nation going out with the man on what started as blind dates has lead to some folks actually reading and digesting both what he has said and what he has done and discovering….they more they know this President, the better they like their dogs….and not in a gastronomical sense.

I don’t care that the President ate dog.  I care that the press are his lap-dogs still.  They might not care that he ate dog either, but they might be a bit more circumspect about being his lap pets now that they know what could happen if they get out of line.

I don’t care that the President ate dog.  I do care that he’s spent 5 Trillion dollars in 3 1/2 years, which may mean the government has to start taxing us in dog years to meet its obligations.

I don’t care that the President consumed dog.  I do care that we still have an unemployment rate of over 8.2 and that’s with all the hard and soft numbers manipulated to put the best spin on it.  Saying that it would have been worse if we hadn’t spent 5 Trillion….that dog won’t hunt.

I don’t care that the President ate dog, is eating dog or will eat dog.  What he eats is irrelevant.  I do care that he spends a lot of my collected tax money letting his wife lecture me on what I should feed my children. To me, that type of chutzpah should earn him a night in the dog house.

The President’s past repasts hold no bearing on my opinion of his poor management of our country, our resources, the enforcement of our laws, promotion and protection of our principles or stewardship of our liberties and traditions and sacred institutions.  He could eat fluffy bunnies and baby seals and it wouldn’t change my opinion. He dogged doing his job if his job was to improve the economy, increase our security and safeguard and cherish our nation and its values at home and abroad.  He and his wife hot dogged on our dime for three and a half years with nary a peep from the media about any of their perpetual indulgences, both lavish and absurd.   He treated any opposition as though they had drowned puppies for voicing even the most modest of proposals that ran counter to his opinion of what should be done.  To the American people, he said “Heel.” To those who object to paying higher taxes on an ever decreasing return of liberties protected and worth while services provided, “Let them eat dog food.” To the millions of faithful Catholics, he put us in the dog house with a leash and said, “Sit. Stay. Roll Over. Play dead.”  while I spay and neuter your religious institutions and teachings to suit my agenda.

So I welcome the mockery, the jokes and the willingness to even begin to notice that this is merely a man.  I hope the trend continues. Cry Havok and let slip the dogs of politics!

Lastly, let me say, again, I do not care that he ate the dog.  It does not bear weight.  It is nothing.  What I do care about is our country.  What I do hope is that the American people are sobering up on the hair of the dog that bit them, or rather, the aires of the man that bit dog, and they’re discovering, they don’t much like the taste left in their mouths.