Quote of the Day – Matt Damon Edition

I would kiss George W. Bush on the mouth for what he did on PEPFAR…You know, PEPFAR is an incredible thing just in terms of how many lives it saved. These ARVs have a Lazarus effect on people. You see a picture of them before and then you see them vibrant, alive, working. Their whole family has been dragged down by the illness and now this. I went on a trip in 2006 (to Africa) and I just had a sense of national pride going around, talking to these people, and they were so happy, they would say, “America,” and I was saying, “Yeah, our president did that, and it’s terrific.” It’s such an obvious connected thing. People aren’t going to hate you when you’re saving their lives.

Matt Damon on President Bush’s work in Africa.

Something he gets virtually no credit for.  He saved millions of lives and his work there continues.  Something the left usually chooses to ignore.