Quote of the Day – Anonymous Edition

I was there with my child and wife. I work as an engineer for a living. I make 90k a year. I am also an anarchist.
Those pictures are spot on. There were lots of communists and socialists at the rally. Me being one of them.
However, you fail to tell the whole story. You failed to show the real communists. The ones giving out free sandwiches and ice-cream.
Your understanding of socialists is also fairly primitive and at times absolutely wrong.
It is clear you tried to scare your readers into thinking that these people want to take over and destroy freedom and liberty!
You fail to tell the whole story. That the socialist movement is about freedom. That it is the highest form of liberty and individualism.
I would recommend you read “Why Socialism?” by Albert Einstein.

A comment left on Marathon Pundit’s post on May Day celebrations in Chicago.

Well all is good if you get free sandwiches and ice cream.  Property rights are not so important.