Quote(s) of the Day – Obama Supporters Edition

“I’m not satisfied with his four years, but I think he’s been fighting a do-nothing Congress and some bad public opinion.”

Does it occur to this woman that there is a reason why the public isn’t behind his policies?

“I have tremendous fear of the opposition,”

I wonder if this person who said this knows the story of the young daughter of a former employee at Bain Capital who was kidnapped?  He shut the business down, flew everyone to New York at his own expense and spent days combing the city and putting up fliers to find her.  What a horrible human being.  Someone with that type of desire to help shouldn’t be president.  Way too scary.

“We realize that the president did not do much of what he promised four years ago, we realize that. But you also realize the influence of the Republicans on his efforts – they have been a roadblock at every corner,” said Delia Alkhatib, 29, of Columbus. “So we’re keeping that in mind, and hoping that he’ll be more aggressive and more of who we voted for in ’08 in a second term, because practically he’ll have nothing to lose.”

yep, all the republicans fault.  He had two years of the house republicans being able to stop nothing, and the senate is still under democratic control.  But the republicans are to blame.

“It’s been a tough four years, won’t lie,” said Brandon Toyer, a 34-year-old software engineer, from Richmond. “But things are looking up now. If we give him a little more time, we’ll see things through.”

We now have a smaller workforce, which accounts for the lower unemployment number.  It is all smoke and mirrors folks.  But hey, things are looking up, you can lie to yourselves that more people are working.

Wendy Stewart, a retired social worker, said she turned out for the rally because “there’s a war on women.”  “I want to support Obama’s goal of helping women, you know, with birth control,” she said.  “If Romney would get in, he would take us, especially the women, back to the 1930s or 50s.”

This woman can’t see the irony of what she is saying.  She admits that women in this country do not have an issue with access to birth control today.  Oh, and by the way, birth control pills didn’t exist until 1961.

So it seems there are plenty of people who are buying the imaginary war on women, republican obstructionism, and his I just need more time arguments hook, line, and sinker.