Quote of the Day – Dr. Jessica Wu

It’s easy to make fun of “Tan Mom” because her behavior is as outrageous as the color of her skin. But why is it OK to make fun of tan people, when it’s not OK to ridicule people because of their weight? After all, tanning, like being overweight, is a health risk. Just as obesity is linked to heart disease and diabetes, indoor tanning has been linked to malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

While many people just do over indulge or just don’t plain understand healthy eating habits, some people are overweight due to medical reasons.   Tan mom is 100% at fault for her skin looking like cow hide.  That woman has brought the ridicule upon herself.

If you have yet to see SNL’s take on Tan Lady, you don’t know what you a missing out on.  It is hilarious.