Twitter Fun #Ask Michelle

Of course conservatives couldn’t resist.  Here is a taste:

#askmichelle Does Barack view Orwell’s ‘1984’ as a roadmap rather than a cautionary tale.

Why do you get to eat BBQ ribs and preach healthy food to the rest of us? #AskMichelle

#AskMichelle What’s “the other white meat?’ Poodle or Llasa Apso?

#AskMichelle Most women get irritated when their husbands play golf incessantly. How do you cope?

Dear @MichelleObama: I’m volunteering at a soup kitchen tonight. Gucci or Prada? #AskMichelle

#AskMichelle Who is your favorite Marxist? Besides your husband, of course.

#AskMichelle Are your Mao Christmas ornaments union made in the USA or imported from genuine communist sweat shops in China?

#askMichelle Bill Maher said “Bristol will name her next kid Colt 45.After what shes drinking when she gets pregnant. What do you think?

#askmichelle Why did you get offended by the American flag at the 9/11 memorial last year? #tcot #obamafail #mooch

#AskMichelle If the election of your husband wasn’t the end of the ‘racist era’ in the U.S., then when, pray tell?

Would you call George Zimmerman a white Hispanic? If so, would you call Barack a white African American? #AskMichelle

RT @BowlMeOverVa#askmichelle You know Jar Jar Binks is trending on @Twitter and you are not?

#AskMichelle Why do u have so much more $$ than me? Shouldn’t u give me some of yours? To be fair?

#AskMichelle: Nevermind Obama, how come YOU stayed in Reverend Wright’s pews for 20 years of virulently anti-American, Marxist propaganda?

#AskMichelle: If family is off limits, why (& how) did your husband get a judge to unseal the divorce records of his previous opponents?

#AskMichelle How much longer is Barack going to lie about his support for gay marriage?

#AskMichelle How many bottles of bubbly did u have once u realized u hoodwinked the country?

#AskMichelle Was Joe right? Does Barack have a big stick?, if so how did he find out?

#AskMichelle: If you were “struggling” to pay student loans, how could you afford a $650,000 house

#AskMichelle Since staying home with my kids doesn’t make me ill, does that mean I am stupid?

#AskMichelle @MichelleObama did you buy your own birth control while in law school?

#AskMichelle I am in the middle of making dinner. Which Gov’t agency should I contact 2 make sure I am doing it correctly?