The March Towards School Choice Continues

Since this is Mother’s Day and there is nothing in the world more important to any mother than the well-being of her child, I wanted to share with you Juan Williams’ keynote speech about school choice to the American Federation for Children in New Jersey.

Choice is becoming more and more mainstream.  We are seeing people on both sides of the political spectrum come together because our desire for our children to receive a quality education is not partisan.

School Choice is a battle we must not only fight, but we must win.  The sad state of affairs that has become our public school system is quickly becoming an issue of national security and our economic well-being depends on preparing the next generation to lead our country.

Williams also has produced a documentary on the topic as well; Two Missions.  They are long, but well worth the watch.

We must find a way to put partisanship aside and deal with the very real issue that we are failing our children when it comes to getting them an education and give power back to the parents to make the best decision for their children.

Here is a shorter version of his documentary:

If you are not interesting in spending the time to watch that, here he is discussing the documentary: