Quote of the Day – Michelle Goldberg Edition

I got into trouble, however, by saying that Romney’s closing lines, about how there is “no crown more glorious” than the “crown of motherhood,” reminded me of the pro-natalist propaganda of World War II-era totalitarian regimes. That was a mistake. Not because I don’t think it’s true – when I read Romney’s words, I immediately thought of the “Motherhood Glory” medals that Stalin gave to women who had lots of children, and of the extreme Nazi cult of motherhood, which Hitler called women’s “highest exaltation.” To me, bombastic odes to traditional maternity have a sinister ring, especially when they come from people who want to curtail women’s rights. But it was an offhand point, and one that wasn’t worth the aggravation it’s caused. I should have realized that right-wingers were going to pretend that I was saying that Romney is akin to two of the century’s most murderous tyrants.

Michelle Goldberg, Newsweek columnist, apology to Ann Romney for comparing her OP-ED on motherhood as Stalinist and Hitler like.  Gee, what would she have said if she wasn’t apologizing?

Does she think the Romney’s are going to force her to have too many babies?