Twitter Fun – #IStandWithObama

#IStandWithObama — I can hardly wait to see what he’s going to do with all that ‘flexibility’ he was whispering to the Russians about #tcot

#IStandWithObama Out of sheer admiration for the panache with which he lies.

#IStandWithObama because he needs the support. 57 states is a lot of ground to cover.

#IStandWithObama because I like it when the EPA tells people they can’t build a home in an existing development

#IStandWithObama because the concept of enumerated powers is too complicated for me to grasp

#IStandWithObama Because this country would be better one mother of a state instead of 57 smaller ones.

#IStandWithObama even though his daughters get a good education and the kids in Chicago don’t, he cares about the poor

#IStandWithObama because I believe him when he says that if we are nice to terrorists they will leave us alone

#IStandWithObama because what is the harm in a little Marxism?

#IStandWithObama because I want to live the life of Julia; No responsibilities and completely dependent on government.

#IStandWithObama because I am afraid of what he may do with his big stick

#IStandWithObama because I want to just complain about crony capitalism. I don’t want anything done about it.

#IStandWithObama because I enjoy hearing innocent school children singing his praises #indoctrination

#IStandWithObama because Van Jones didn’t mean it when he described himself as a communist

#IStandWithObama because it is better than being thrown under the bus. Right @CoryBooker

#IStandWithObama because I want another 40 million on food stamps