Quote of the Day – Shawn Maxam Edition

The deification of Black mothers (although definitely worthy) is problematic because many Black males only learn to respect their mothers while continuing to treat other women—their wives, girlfriends and female co-workers—like crap. This deification of the mother-son dynamic also plays out in men who expect the women in their lives to reprise the maternal role and provide the unconditional love of childhood.

We need fathers, father-figures, coaches and mentors to be celebrated year round, but we also need them to be present every day. We need them to be role models for being men, for having adult relationships with women, and as fathers who are actively parenting their children.

Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a father crisis in communities of color and it won’t be addressed until our society admits that father do matter.

Shawn Maxam – Blogger.

He writes a blog called For Shawnel Reflections on how almost dying taught me to live.  Shawnel, his brother, did not survive.  He is also bi-polar.  He has a very unique point of view.  If you don’t follow his blog, you should.  He writes for The Good Men Project.