Quote of the Day – WashPo Commenter

If Sandusky had murdered all the victims, he would be facing basically the same punishment. Why did none of the victims complain, or anyone else for that matter, for 30 years? Because nobody thought it was very serious. Now the fanatics have their say. Unfortunatelly this area of law is dominated by fanatics, religious fundamentalists to whom anything vaguely or remotely connected to sex shoud be banned and severly punished, anti abortion, anti pornography, anti Playboy, go back to Puritanism mind set.

Commentary under the story about Jerry Sandusky being found guilty of 45 out 48 charges of child molestation.

There is no way to know if this is a male or female, but seriously?  Does this idiot think that young kids are to blame for not coming forward?  Sandusky was a well-respected man in the community.  This is exactly what child predators do; they pick very vulnerable children who have troubled backgrounds and sometimes troubled families.  It makes far less likely they will be believed.  People who do these things to children are very cunning.  Which is exactly what makes them so dangerous.

A man saw another grown man having sex with a child in a locker room shower.  Does he think that the a young man wants to have sex in a public shower with a man who was close to three times his age?

This is how sick our society has become.  Bash religion at every single turn.  I would like to think that virtually everyone in this country could at least say hey grown men having sex with children is wrong.  Rape is wrong.  But alas, that isn’t true.  The degradation of our society continues and it seems like it is picking up steam with every passing day.