And They Are Talking about her Hair?

Gabby Douglas has won not just one, but two Olympic gold medals and has the possibility to add some others to her collection.  What are people talking about on social media?  Her hair.  Ok, I need to take a deep breath here.  I was almost in tears when I read this story.  They are talking about what a mess her hair is.

Gabby wasn’t the athlete that was expected to come home with the all round gold.  That pressure was on her teammate Jordyn, who by the way, didn’t even qualify for the all round competition.  Gabby seized her moment, and it is truly a moment.  Most of the routines are over in less than 3 minutes each.

Gabby is being raised by a single mom of three.  Can you just imagine what her mom and two sisters had to go without to give Gabby a chance at her dream?  Gabby has lived away from her Virginia home for the past two years so she could train.  Her mom was dead set against letting her go, but her two sisters helped talked mom into it.  She is 16 years old and has accomplished something that no other American ever has.  A gold medal in team competition and the all around Olympic champion.  The life span of a gymnast on this level is very short indeed, and when she saw her opening she took it.  She had grace under pressure and came out on top.

The sad part is that most of this is coming from other black women.  They were making comments on twitter about how messy her hair got as the competition went on.  Hey ladies, do you think tumbling around like that is easy?  She is going to get sweaty you idiots.

Gabby, you are beautiful.  You have an amazing talent and a very beautiful smile.  You women that are talking about her hair need to get yourselves a real life and STFU.

You Go Girl!!!