Paul Ryan It Is

I know that I am among the minority, but I think it is a bad choice.  Yes, he excites many in the base and possibly puts Wisconsin in play for the GOP, but  the problem as I see it, is that it does nothing to balance the ticket.  Romney has executive experience.  Even President Clinton says that.  Romney is finance guy.  But so is Paul Ryan.  Romney has no foreign policy nor military experience.  Neither does Ryan.  Ryan has zero private sector or executive experience and will be a heartbeat from the presidency.  One of the main reasons that Obama took Biden was because Biden did have foreign policy experience.  Well, they could say he did because of his time on the various committees in the senate.  Granted that was an illusion, but an illusion the public was willing to buy.

Paul Ryan isn’t exactly the attack dog type, which I firmly believe is the main job of the VP candidate.  It allows Romney to stay above the fray, yet still get those hits out there.  Ryan will not be effective at that.

No matter, it is done.  Paul Ryan it is.

For some strange reason I had gotten myself tickets to Romney’s rally in my neck of the woods today earlier in the week.  I wasn’t sure I was going to go, but now I will.  So I am off to see Paul Ryan.  Oh yeah, some guy named Romney will be there too.

And for what this is worth, I don’t think there was ever a time that we had a ticket with such nice hair.