Why I Will Vote for Romney

Because of Obamacare. That’s it. That’s all.  Everything else, I can deal with, but the HHS mandate is the straw. It is what made me from a person who follows politics and cares, into an irritated voter. This Tea Partier who up until now felt a bit timid about calling herself as such, is mad.

I am a mother of ten children. I have a master’s in special education. I have worked, loved, thought, read and managed to live these past 46 years without needing Think Progress or any other group to tell me how to think or speak for me. I have read enough of the Health Care law and the subsequent policy fig leaf accommodations to know that I object to this law. It is bad policy.

I am not a puppet of the GOP.  I am tired of being dismissed because the media disagrees with my opinion.  I am Catholic and I am American. Those are my bonifieds for objecting to this law.

This law does not allow me to be either Catholic or American, since I cannot obey and be in good conscience with my Faith, and I cannot be proud of my civil obligations when they trample on my right to practice my religion.  This law upturns my country’s proud heritage of cherishing civil liberties and the freedom of religion from interference by the state, replacing it with a tolerance by the state of my religion’s proclivities. That tolerance is limited and it keeps shrinking. I do not trust the state to protect my right to be Catholic if it is telling me the extent to which I may practice my faith in my life as it pertains to my earning a living.

It is not a war on women to fight against what was not demanded only last month of private employers.

It is not a war on women to insist that one’s faith code not be deliberately narrowed or codified to suit modern sensibilities or liberal policies about abortion, sterilization and birth control.

It is not Republican to denounce this overreach by the government to dictate the parameters of faith as manifested in our public lives through our private businesses and the decisions we make in the process of running them, it is American!

As an American, I denounce this law as a treasonous break of the social compact we were guaranteed by the constitution.

To say this is NOT what the government should be in the business of doing, is not treason or stupidity or miserliness towards the poor or born out of malice towards anyone.

The President should not be setting himself up as the secular pope and using the department of Health and Human Services as his outreach.

We have the right to profess what we believe.

We do not wish to be aiding and abetting in grave moral evil (abortion), or finance unhealthy/risky behavior that warps a woman’s view of her body (her natural body is flawed and must be fixed).

We have been given no say in this matter, we have been simply told by government fiat, to obey. The government is even in the business of granting indulgences to those entities that pay and schmooze up the right allies. It is a corrupt and cynical abuse of the promises this country was founded on, to have the law apply unevenly, and have the law specifically dictate that certain religions must violate their beliefs to comply.

We cannot be Catholic simply by coming to mass every Sunday. It is not worth our time if that is all that Catholic means. We cannot be Catholic if we say we believe these actions to be sinful, but we’ll finance them and turn a blind eye. We will not comply.

I object to this law. I object to this policy. I find it offensive. I object. I respectfully object. I absolutely object. And if the country demands that I choose, between American and Catholic, it is an easy choice. I choose Catholic. But I will be sad, because the America I knew would never make such a demand. It was a better place than this, and it should be again.