Quote of the Day – Toure Edition Part 2


“That really bothered me, you notice he said anger twice. He’s really trying to use racial coding and access some really deep stereotypes about the angry black man. This is part of the playbook against Obama, the ‘otherization,’ he’s not like us.”

“I know it’s a heavy thing, I don’t say it lightly, but this is ‘niggerization, you are not one of us, you are like the scary black man who we’ve been trained to fear.”

Toure on the following comment by Governor Romney:

“He demonizes some.  He panders to others.  His campaign strategy is to smash America apart and then cobble together 51% of the pieces.  If an American president wins that way, we all lose.  So, Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago, and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America.”

See my decoder ring (because all republicans and conservatives apparently have one) must be on the fritz, because I don’t see any code words that really mean nigger.

Can another of you please tell me which cereal box the decoder rings are in this month, so I don’t miss any other code words?  Thanks.  It is greatly appreciated.

Sadly, Toure is part of the problem and he doesn’t even see it.  There was nothing even remotely racist about the Governor’s comment.  As I said yesterday, the word racism has lost all meaning in this country.  We no longer use it properly and it is now used like a club to squash dissent of our president.  This is a very sad time in America.