Quote of the Day – Bob Woodward Edition

What happened is politics, that is why the book is called the price of politics. The calculation in the White House is that the politics are on their side in the short run. You ran the clip where the President said “we’ve got to get the people at the top end to pay their fair share,” quite frankly I think he is exactly right but there is not enough money in the top end to begin to solve the problem that we are talking about here.

Paul Ryan is on the right track when he says you’ve got to solve the problem and the problem is we have this entitlement spending that in the next ten years, by conservative estimates, is going to double. You can’t borrow that much money.

Bob Woodward on Obama’s claim he wants to reduce the debt and the deficit.

Spending must be cut, there is no other way around it.  The debate must become what we cut, but meanwhile the Obama administration is still holding onto the false premise that we can tax the rich our way out of the mess we find ourselves in.  We can’t.