Quote of the Day – Charles Krauthammer Edition Part 2

“Well, it wasn’t very artful, I’m not sure it’s going to be very hurtful, I think that the liberal media have gone apoplectic over this. Look, what Romney was talking about, and I think the way he ought to address it is to say when we’re talking about Obama, his acolytes, his philosophy and his base, they believe in the government’s central role in their life. They believe in victimization, they believe in entitlement. And that’s the entire philosophy. And you can point to a lot of things.”

“Look at a featured speaker at the Democratic convention, Sandra Fluke, here’s a woman whose from an elite law school, going to make $160,000 as a starting salary in the private sector. What’s her great demand? Why was she the big star? Demanding that ordinary Americans, average income $50,000, pay her contraceptives. That’s a personification of the idea of entitlement, of victimization. That is entire idea of ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you. This is exactly what Romney is talking about.”

“The problem he had is he mixed in the 47%. He’s talking about the Obama constituency. He isn’t speaking and he shouldn’t be speaking about roughly half the Americans who don’t pay income tax. You can’t save them, many of whom are in fact senior citizens on Social Security. You can’t say to them that they have a sense of being a victim. So I think that’s where he screwed up. I think you just got to ignore it. Pivot off of it, talk about what Obama’s doing about welfare, the cartoon of Julia, a woman living who lives her life off the largess, the intervention and the generosity of the government. Speak about Obama’s philosophy,”

He is exactly right.  Romney can use this to his advantage, if he plays it correctly.  The fact is that more and more people in this country have come to believe that they are somehow owed something.  Make an ad about the life of Julia, make sure that people see that this is what Obama believes, that the government will pay your way, you don’t have to take responsibility for your own life, the government will do it for you.