I Stand with Henry

Meet Henry.  He is fighting for his right to go to school.  This isn’t about school choice as the school is directly across the street.  This is about Henry’s disabilities.  He is learning, hearing, and talking impaired due to Autism.  But he is obviously a very smart young man, he communicated with his tablet and specialized software.  The school system has decided that they are not the right place for his type of disabilities.  This is a clear violation of the law.  But the Florida school system could care less.

The public school systems in this country discriminate against developmentally disabled children all the time.  It is a common occurrence, especially since the law in most states is written to make it virtually impossible for the parents to fight back.  Each case must be heard individually in a court of law.  The school systems have attorneys that they have on retainer.  Parents do not.  The costs to fight these rulings are sometimes out of reach for the everyday American family.

Henry want to go to class and be like other kids, something that is important to most young adults.  They want to fill in.  While this isn’t something that I think is great thing, but it is an understandable thing.  This young man has many impediments in front of him, the last one should be discrimination coming from the very public school system that his parents pay taxes to fund.

It may be possible that Henry will not able to do well in this environment.  He may need a different approach to his education pursuits.  But why isn’t he being given the chance to succeed?  Why is Hillsborough County School refusing to even give this boy a chance?

I understand the resources are limited in a public school system, but it seem to me that those resources are best utilized on a student who is as eager to learn as Henry as.

I Stand with Henry.  After watching this video I think you may want to as well.  (Sorry, I can’t get it to embed for some reason)


Give this young man a chance to prove what he is made of.  Here is his Facebook page if you care to stand with too.