High Schoolers Not Happy with The One Size Fits All Lunch Guidelines – We Are Hungry – Video

My nephew played football and was  high jumper when he was in high school (State Champ in High Jump in his senior year) and during the times that he was either having track or football practice he wouldn’t get home until close to 8 PM.  He left in the morning around 6:30 AM. Luckily he has long since finished high school because I think he would be feeling the same way as these kids.

The stories that have been coming out for the past week would be downright funny if it were not so sad.  The kids are not happy with choices that they are being given.  While many school systems still “allow” you to bring your own lunch, many don’t.  What are these kids supposed to do, starve?

You cannot force kids to eat foods they don’t like.  If they are not getting healthy choices at home, they are not used to eating these foods.  What makes Michelle Obama think that they will eat them in school?  Many of these poor kids are eating much less because they just don’t like what they are being given.

Reason 18,982 to homeschool.