Quote of the Day – President Obama Edition Part 14

“But for all the progress that we’ve made, the bitter truth is that trafficking also goes on right here in the United States,” he said. “As president, I directed my administration to step up our efforts, and we have… because we can’t ask other nations to do what we are not doing ourselves.”

President Obama speaking today at the Clinton Global  Initiative today on Human Trafficking and calling it what it is; modern-day slavery.

The White House also announced the president has recently signed an executive order to help stop the use of victims being used by government contractors.

My question when is he going to put more protections at our borders?  Does he not think that the people who are crossing our borders illegally are being brought here for the purpose?  The human rights violations that go on by the “coyotes” is well-known.  Many women are raped.

Other operations can be larger: 31 people were taken into custody following allegations of illegal smuggling of women through Canada and Mexico into the U.S. The Korean women involved were forced to pay off their smuggling debts through prostitution and were shipped around seven different states, including Maryland, and Washington, D.C. In total, 70 women were freed from the suspected trafficking ring.

This is just a group that was caught.  Imagine how many there are who are not.  The people who are paying to get into our country illegally generally come from very poor countries, it only stands to reason that many of them don’t have the money to pay and are being exploited in all kinds of ways to pay off the very high charges that these people charge to smuggle them in.

If he is not putting more resources into securing our borders, then this is all lip service.