Exodus Now (CP at Shout First)

Found this on BigGovernment.com via my Facebook page and this man and his website are VERY impressive.

Exodus Now’: Black Bishop Launches Brutal Attack Against Democratic Party

Just watch the first 30 seconds of this video and you will be impressed and astonished by this man’s honesty and brutal intelligence.

John Nolte writes:

“Note that Bishop Jackson is not endorsing Mitt Romney or the Republican Party and never once mentions Barack Obama. His testimony is merely an indictment of the Democrat Party, not from a racial or partisan perspective, but from a Christian one.
Honestly, I would love to hear anyone attempt to argue against the points the Bishop makes about Planned Parenthood, same sex marriage, and most especially the Democratic Party’s attacks against God, up to and including the booing of God last month at the Democratic convention in Charlotte (something the Bishop mentions in the video). “