Why Do Liberals Think That Women Are Nothing More than Sex Objects?

President Obama’s Tumbler page  has had this post on it:

Shortly after I took a screen capture of it, the page was removed.  But make no mistake, this had to be approved before it went up.  This is about President’s fans, they get to add things they may like to share, but as I said, the campaign must approve it and allow it to post.

My question is why is that liberals think that women are nothing more than sex objects?  I mean I have a nose, arms, legs, teeth, eyes and many other body parts that men have.  Aren’t they “lady parts” when they are mine as well?

I have always been told that feminism is all about empowering a woman to make her choices and not limit herself.  But it seems to me that all it is really about is having sex and the ability to have an abortion if said sex results in a pregnancy that isn’t convenient.

Why else would they keep pushing this meme that your birth control is going to be taken away?  We all know that it isn’t.  There is no proof whatsoever that Governor Romney has any history of involving the government in this issue.

Haven’t women figured out yet that have been demeaned by this type of talk?  This is basically saying that you are not much else besides someone who needs birth control and access to abortions.  Now, if you take your birth control the way you are supposed to, the need for the latter drops dramatically.  Modern feminism is nothing more than turning you into a sex object.  Is it any wonder that the hook up culture on college campuses is so widespread?  Naomi Wolf’s new book asserts that rape is a crime against a women’s brain, so am really jumping the shark here by asking of feminism is really about being sexually active instead of what type of job you do?

You have a brain too ladies, use it.  That is the lady part that you need the most.