The Slippery Slope of Liberalism Part 7

19-year-old Dylan Kuhn killed his six month old daughter, Sailor, by throwing her into her crib after a night of celebrating Halloween.  Sailor was doing what many 6 months do, being fussy and crying.  That is what babies do at times.  Every parent has been there.  A child that no matter what you try that just cries.  It seems like you are going to lose your mind when you are dealing with it.  You hold them, you rock them, you sing to them, all the while you are praying for it to stop.  What you don’t do is slam them into the crib so hard that they die of head trauma.

Dylan’s first reaction was to lie to the police, he told them that little Sailor fell off the couch onto the floor landing on her head.  The injuries suggested that she landed on a soft, but unyielding surface.  Something that a floor is not, but a baby mattress is.  He then admitted he “aggressively” put her into her crib after yelling at her to shut up.

What did the judge do?  He gave him four months in prison.  That’s right.  Not even one month for every month that little Sailor lived.  But, oh boy, he is on probation for four years and cannot be in the presence of children under the age of ten unsupervised, he even has to take a parenting class!  That will teach him.

Why the sentence you ask?  Well, Judge Douglas Walker decided, in his infinite wisdom, that Dylan may become a hardened criminal if he spends too much time in jail.  He believes that our jails harden people.

‘I am giving you the opportunity. Make the best of this opportunity, if nothing else, to honor your daughter’s memory,’

Shouldn’t he have been honoring his daughter before he slammed her into her crib yelling to shut up?  Didn’t she deserve more than that?  I think our prison systems leave a great deal to be desired.  I don’t think it is right that people get raped in prisons on a regular basis.  I also understand that studies have been done that suggest when the prison system decides on where they locate a prisoner that someone who is on the bubble and ends up in a maximum security prison they will likely become more violent than those who go the medium security prisons.  We also don’t do enough to help criminals who have paid their debts to society to integrate back into society, and getting jobs that pay a good wage can be more difficult.  That is all true.  But do we fix those problems by letting a baby killer go?

It seems to me that none of those will be fixed for Dylan, let alone anyone else.  Dylan will still be a felon.  He will still stand convicted of manslaughter.  That is still going to follow him for the rest of his life.  But the family seemed to be behind him.  It also seems to me that judge could have easily sentenced him to minimum security prison if the desire was to keep him from being “hardened”.

‘I am so worried that if you send him away he will shut down, I don’t know why it went this far. It was an accident.’

Dylan’s mom

‘He loved Sailor, the times I observed him with Sailor he was great. I am not exactly sure what happened here.’

Dylan’s baby mamma April Coleman.  Where she was when the baby was being slammed was not made clear.

Sailor Kuhn was killed by the hands of one of the people who was supposed to love her the most, to protect her, and to be the person she could trust.  But in the liberal la la land, her life wasn’t worth very much at all.  Justice for this little girl was sacrificed at the altar of belief that prisons are bad, prisons create criminals, and letting him slide will some how change all that.