The Debates Romney/Ryan 1.45 Obama/Biden 0.55

I am not going to be popular with this but I give Biden a slight win.  Yes, he acted like a jerk with all that smiling and interrupting, that is true.  It is also true that everything he said about Libya is a provable lie.   But, and this is a big but, the base was very demoralized after last week’s truly poor performance by President Obama.  Biden’s job was to come out swinging and keep swinging throughout.  He did that.

The truly undecided are not going to decide based on the VP debate unless they believe that the person selected isn’t qualified to be POTUS, therefore all the pressure was on Congressman Ryan.  Many are still unclear of his record and don’t know a great deal about him.  Sadly so many people don’t pay much attention to politics.

Look Joe Biden said many things that are simply untrue.  Very few in the media or anyone that has really followed the story know that what he said about Libya is simply untrue.  He wisely tried to change the subject almost immediately, but it was too late.  That will hit every fact checker’s list of whoppers.  Even Andrea Mitchell of MSDNC called him out on his falsehoods.  But again, the people who don’t pay much attention are not going to read the fact checkers.  They vote based on sound bites.

The debate was pretty much a draw, the reason that I give Biden a slight edge is that he got his base excited again.

The problem is, with so few days left until election day if your goal is to excite your base, you are in trouble.