Debate Drinking Game – Foreign Policy Edition

One sip when a candidate mentions the following buzzwords:

  • “Libya”
  • “Security in the region”
  • “Iran”
  • “Exit Strategy”
  • “Osama Bin Laden”
  • “Israel”
  • “Palestine”
  • “Nuclear”
  • “Syria”
  • “China”
  • “The UN”
  • “Israel”
  • “Arab Spring”
  • “North Korea”
  • “Netanyahu”
  • Romney interrupts and/or talks over Obama.
  • Obama interrupts and/or talks over Romney.

One gulp when…

  • The exit from Iraq is discussed.
  • Exit strategy from Afghanistan is discussed.
  • A “two-state solution” is discussed for the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • Someone accuses someone of lying.
  • Drone strikes in Pakistan are discussed.

Two swigs of your drink:

  • George W. Bush’s foreign policy is mentioned.
  • Fake Apple stores in China are mentioned.
  • If any candidate dodges a question.
  • If Obama says “Let me be clear.”
  • “You’ll get your turn!”
  • If the candidates get  all  aggressive and up in each others faces, a la:

Finish your drink

  • If Obama says “We got ’em!” in reference to Osama Bin Laden.
  • When Obama gets hammered by Romney for a “failure to communicate” after the Benghazi attacks.
  • During any statements that are blatant fear-monging.
  • If any candidate mispronounces a foreign leader’s name.

Take off your shirt, flaunt your chest hair, and swig a vodka drink:

  • If Vladimir Putin is mentioned.

Rowdy “U-S-A” chant + domestic beer shotgun:

  • When either candidate mentions our troops aboard.

Take a shot:

  • Mitt Romney mentions his lifetime income to be greater than the GNP of many small African countries.
  • If song lyrics are quoted.
  • If another President is quoted.
  • Malarky!

Wine enema butt chug if*:

  • “America: F**k Yeah!” is quoted during a discussion on America’s place in the world.
  • “Binders full of women” is mentioned.
  • Obama refers to Hillary Clinton as “Hills”
  • Tagg Romney loses his sh*t.
  • Bob Schieffer loses his sh*t and calls Mitt Romney “Mittens.”

*Disclaimer: Obviously DO NOT wine enema butt chug, you idiot

H/T BroBible