Election Play List

If you saw the recent repulsive ad that Lena Dunham. I’m calling it 50 shades of Primae Noctis for comparing voting to losing one’s virginity. It’s a cry for help that makes Ms. Fluke look classy.

Recently, Mitt received a primo endorsement from Meatloaf. For conservatives and especially women, the reality of this election is a stark contrast. What we have, and what are our options? We know what we’ve had the past 4 years has been at best dysfunctional. It’s time to see other people. The courting of the GOP gave us Romney. We’re voting. We’re voting for Romney. We’re not in love, but we’re gonna do it.

The result might be best summed up by one of his most famous tunes.
Cue, “I want you…I want you..I need you..I need you…but there ain’t no way I’m ever gonna love you.. now don’t be sad. Don’t be sad……….’cause two out of three ain’t bad.