Liberal Tolerance On Display

As most have probably heard, Senator Rubio’s 12-year-old daughter was hurt in a golf car accident.  She was air-lifted to Children’s Hospital and is listed in fair condition.  A horrible thing for a parent to go through.  No matter who the parent is.

Yahoo put out a brief article on the accident.  Lets take a look at the comments under said article.

This Cuban eemigrant needs to keep his name relevant because pudgy, white Returds have somehow convinced him to run for Pres. in 2016. He’s not the first Repube to pìmp his kid. Remember when Palin waved her Retard at the ’08 GOP ConVention?

Isn’t he one of the SOB’S that voted agains’t Obamacare? How poetic ! He even stated when elected that he wasn’t going to sign up for a Government Health plan offered to congress.So, my question is, is who is paying for her Helicopter ride and treatment at Miami’s Trauma Center. I guess that chickens are coming home to roost. Rubio is a Puta!

Who gives a crap about this wet back Cuban and his anchor baby. Please this is not news yahoo and nobody cares, ugh

It sure sounds like this was God’s will. I hope the young lady doesn’t have to pay for Marco’s sins.

Rubio:” you weep what you sow”. Karma/Proverbs.

I’ll bet some of the wacko gop senate candidates for senate are saying this is God’s will. Isn’t that what they say about different types of rape and unwanted pregnancies?

If Rubio wants accept 100% tax payer funded medical insurance that he receives as a US Senator which is in reality free socialized medical care ,and he want’s to deny it to every one else. Then Rubio and his brats need to get back on their inner tube raft and float their as back to Cuba

golf-cart accident, huh? well, at least she didn’t have to be treated for the terrible case of carpal tunnel she’s developed from beating the help

Please use the republican healthcare plan and not my taxes….get well or DIE, VOTE REPUBLICAN for LESS GOVERNMENT and higher profits for corporations, Hope this tick is not sucking my taxes for her healthcare, Rubio better be paying 100% out of his wealthy pocket!

Rubio ,with his 100% tax payer funded health insurance, won’t have to pay a penny out-of-pocket. I’m positive that filthy Repuke won’t offer to re-imburse the citizens of the USA. No, he’ll be more than happy to accept socialized medical care for himself and his own. But hey ! The rest of America be damned, he got his and to hell with every one else ! ….Eff Rubio and the Republicans….Vote OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 ! !

Senator,the children of Palestine are dying in large numbers due to Israels blockade.Denying them desperately needed medicine and food supplies.Blood diseases and cancer are off the charts from the nuclear tipped bombs Israel uses on people throwing stones.

To be fair, many called out these comments and said while they didn’t agree with Rubio’s politics, they wished his daughter well.  But this is still ghoulish.  What have become as a society?

Best wishes and prayers out to the Rubio family while their daughter recovers.  The people who left these comments need prayers as well.