Open Letter to Media and Benghazi Round-Up


Here’s a thought:

Dear Media,

Would have covered the Benghazi attack and the White House cover-up if any one of the men who died were not white? Further, others were injured during the Benghazi attack.

Would you have covered this if any of the Embassy personnel who were injured or murdered if they were an ethnicity other than white? I am certain many were.

What does it take for you to do your jobs and actually investigate this attack on our embassy, on Americans, and on this administration and its governments refusal to protect the citizens – it’s sworn duty?

Just remember, Media, you are less and less necessary the more you don’t do your jobs. You are no longer the gatekeepers. And we all know it

Don’t let Obama and his cronies throw Americans under the bus, insist that the media report on this growing Benghazi Scandal!

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