Funny Get Out the Vote Story

Funny story – So I was out door knocking in a pretty rural area. People with small farms. The street is very long, and the houses were up off the street and VERY long. So I was walking up this driveway, which was uphill. Some guy drives up to me on his tractor and asked me what campaign I was with. I told him the Romney campaign, and he told me I could stay. LOL. Then he told me that he already voted. Then he asks me if I needed to go to one of his neighbor’s house. I looked on my list and said yes. He literally picked me up, put me on his tractor and drove me over. He told me it was too far to walk. I have never been on a tractor before. I am burbs girl. It was great. Sorry I was alone and wasn’t able to get a picture. Best memory of month travelling around to swing states.

I am in the ultimate swing county in OH.  This county may just decide who will be our next president.  It is said to be decided by less than .001%.  So which me luck that I can get the Romney voters out to the polls over the day and a half.